Luminescent Orchestrii

Gypsy Tango Klezmer Punk acoustic string band from New York City, whose music balances frenzy and finesse.  Featuring violin, viola, bass, resophonic guitar, melodica and bullhorn harmonica.

Thanks to all for making this event a great success!

Cretean Traditional Music & Music composed by Ross Daly

Based on the Modal Musical Structure shared by most Middle Eastern Classical Music Traditions.

Sat October 8, 2005

Sacramento State University

Visit Ross Daly's website

Yair Dalal – Oud, Violin & Vocals A House Concert

(with Great Host - Bill Wagman)

Iraqi & Iraqi Jewish Traditional Music

Sat Feb 5, 2005. Davis CA
Photo: Wayne Tilcock/ The Davis Enterprise

Yair Dalal – Oud, Violin & Vocals

Erez Mounk – Percussion

The Judeo Arabic Musical Traditions

Fri Sep 7, 2001. Davis CA

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Mohamed Alileche – Vocals & Amandol

Henni Hached – Dumbek

Sadek Haddadou – Bendir

Madjid Ouramdane – Banjo

The Folk Tradition of Kabylia(North Africa)

Sat Jan 27, 2001. Davis CA

Opening the Window of the Heart

An Evening in the company of Rumi - Poetry & Stories performed by Duncan Mackintosh of the British Shakespeare Theatre

Accompanied on Traditional Instruments by

Hank Levin – Oud & Ney

Norma Novy – Frame Drum

Sat Feb 19, 2000. Davis CA

North African Andalusian(Classical) Music and The Folk tradition of the Imazighen (Berber)

Omar Ait Vimoun Ensemble

Omar Ait Vimoun – Vocals & Amandol

Ensemble includes: Oud, Violin, Mandolin, Quitra, Flute, Percussion

Sat Jan 22, 2000. Davis CA

Turkish Classical Music

Ihsan Ozgen – Kemenche, Tanbur, Rebab

Neva Ozgen – Kemenche

Fri Oct 8, 1999. Davis CA

Turkish Classical & Sufi Music

Necati Çelik – Oud & Vocals

Halil Karaduman – Kanun

Sun Sep 5, 1999. Davis CA


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