TimnaTal Music was founded by Gil Medovoy. Music has been an important part of Gil's life since elementary school. Along with formal study of flute and clarinet in his youth, Gil has been a life long student of music from around the world - theory, history and development.

He served as sound engineer and music program producer for the Israeli Army radio station in the mid-70's, and managed an eclectic record store. Since moving to California, Gil has been producing and hosting a weekly radio show, "Crossing Continents", on KDVS, 90.3 FM, as well as serving as co-director of the music department focusing on world music. Through recording a variety of artists, and producing concerts locally, Gil continues to spread the music that he loves.

TimnaTal Music is named after Gil's two children, Timna and Tal.



In the last 28 years, traditional music from different regions of the world, has been gaining recognition and appreciation by the European public. This process has been much slower in the United States.

TimnaTal Music’s goal of bringing a variety of traditional music to Davis and Sacramento has also been achieved over the last 20 years through a weekly radio show called Crossing Continents on KDVS, 90.3 FM. A future goal for TimnaTal Music is to record and release traditional world music, and to collaborate with others who share similar interests. By sharing musical traditions from around the world, TimnaTal Music hopes to open the door to understanding and appreciation for the richness of peoples and cultures who share our world.

To visit KDRT online and listen to Gil's show via archived broadcasts go to: www.kdrt.org, and enter “Crossing Continents in the search field. The show airs from 10am -noon. Enjoy! Click here to get started.


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Our first CD production is available now

The Suleyman Takhalov Ensemble

The album is titled: Central Asian musical traditions

These are recordings from 1995 and 1997 in Israel, of a group of Jewish musicians from Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan who moved to Israel in the early 90’s. The group’s founder and musical director, Suleyman Takhalov, is teaching at the Music Department of Bar Ilan University and the Jerusalem Academy of Music. He has been involved in a number of musical projects in his home country of Uzbekistan, and continues to pursue his musical interests in Israel. This recording documents his first ensemble in Israel, and will be released soon. Takhalov and the other musicians in this ensemble all had extensive musical education and involvement in the traditional music shared by Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan, and were highly regarded as representatives of this tradition.


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