We offer concert promotion and booking primarily in Davis, California. The music should represent genuine world tradition. Our main interest is TRADITIONAL music of the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean/Balkan region, Central Asia and the Indian Sub Continent. Dance floor-fusion material is NOT what we do. We use a small, intimate space located in a green neighborhood of “Village Homes” which is located in West Davis. We take care of marketing and promotion of the concert. We host our concerts' series on the weekends ONLY with a strong preference for Sunday. Our usual concert time is 7-9pm. We do primarily non amplified acoustic concerts.

We do not provide a PA system! You may bring your own if you have to. The space we use has a great acoustics and most musicians find it adequate to go acoustically.

We charge a very modest fee (15%) from the total sales of tickets.
We do not offer upfront payment! The musicians will cover a portion of the rental fee, $50.00. If you are traveling through Northern California please contact us via email: info@timnatalmusic.com or phone us at (530) 867-1032. We look forward to hearing from you!


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